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 Class System

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About the Class System

The Class System is a system put in place on TNARP to gauge your character's over-all power and abilities. Basically, the higher your class the more powerful you are likely to be. Though, of course, there are exceptions to this. We try to ensure that the proper starting class is awarded based on role-play capability rather than how powerful you'd like for your character to be. Don't be scared, however, as ranking up your character is a rather simple and fair process and should not take too long to do. So if you don't get the class you want, you're always free to train and perform special tasks to achieve a higher class.

About the Classes


Neophytes are the weakest and most vulnerable of all those in the land of Sosaria. Their abilities are greatly lacking and they often serve as apprentices more than anything else. They are hardly battle ready. Neophytes receive a 'shield of protection' when role-playing and may not be attacked unless they attack first. So, for example, if you decide you want to randomly kill a neophyte, you can't. You are, however, allowed to restrain them or beat them up. Maiming, killing, and anything else of great severity is not allowed, however. Neophytes may only learn one mana-based specialty and may only have a maximum of 50 spec points in it.


Novices are just as weak and vulnerable as neophytes, though they are not apprentices and are out on their own. They start with slightly more than what a neophyte starts with but still start with the same amount of spec points. Novices receive a shield of protection just like the neophytes do and may not maimed, killed, or severely injured. Novices may only learn one mana-based specialty and may only have a maximum of 75 spec points in it.


A Journeyman is most likely just finishing up his apprentice work or just now becoming a recognized mage or warrior. They can hold their own in battle, though just barely. They are basically average as far as most mages or warriors are concerned. They do not receive a shield of protection, nor do any classes above it. Journeymen are the most common mages you'll encounter as far as NPCs are concerned. Journeymen may only learn one mana-based specialty and may only have a maximum of 100 spec points in it.


Experts are a bit more advanced than Journeyman. And by a bit, you could probably call it a lot. They have finally begun to delve into two different mana-based arts rather than only one, though they are pretty far from being able to master two. Rather, they can learn two mana-based specialties but may only have a maximum of 175 spec points between the two. This can be split in any way, whether it be 125 and 50 or 100 and 75. Experts are a little above average but not by much. You will encounter many NPCs of this level.


Adepts are on their way to becoming a master. Although they are still not quite there yet, they are quite powerful in their own right. They are able to delve into two mana-based specialties just like the class before them, though they have mastered their second specialty even more. They can learn two mana-based specialties and may have a maximum of 200 spec points between the two. This can be split in any way, just like for Experts. You can have 125 in your first, 75 in your second; 100 in your first, 100 in your second; any way you choose to divide them is up to you. Adepts are a bit rarer among NPCs but still exist, none the less.


Masters are the greatest that an NPC can achieve in class. They are some of the most powerful mages in all of Sosaria and often take on multiple apprentices. Masters tend to be the leader of their respective nation or at least hold a very high position. Masters are quite impressive as they are able to master two mana-based specialties entirely, with up to 125 spec points in both. Masters among NPCs are rather rare but still occur. Master class is the highest an NPC can be as far as class is concerned.


Grandmasters are certainly a lot more powerful than masters and tend to take on extremely high positions in their respective nation. They are some of the most powerful mages in their nation and are often revered for their abilities. They are able to learn up to three mana-based abilities. They may perfect their first two but only may have up to 50 spec points in their third.


Elders, though not always elder, are referred to as such because their mana-based knowledge and capability is well over that of humans who have practiced it their entire lives. Elders are the highest level of class that one can train to and are considered some of the most powerful mages in the entire land of Sosaria. Elders are able to learn up to three mana-based specialties, mastering two and able to earn up to 100 spec points in a third.


Legendary class is not something that can simply be achieved through training or practice. It also can not be started with. In fact, Legendary may only be achieved by completing certain events in a certain way. Huge events will be held periodically and a special mission will become available. If you participate in the event and complete the special mission, you will be awarded Legendary status regardless of your current class. Legendary mages are mostly considered myths among those who have never met one. They are said to possess power that rivals that of Satan or even God himself.


Artisans are the crafters and merchants of TNARP. Not only are they able to create magnificent items and weapons but they are also able to sell them for a large profit. No other players are allowed to create items or weapons after approval, they may only purchase or request them from artisans IC. Artisans are the only class that may exceed 75 skill points in any Artisan specialty. All other classes are capped at 75 while Artisans are capped at 125. Artisans may not learn any specialties what-so-ever other than Artisan Specialties.

Starting Class

Your starting class is determined by your apparent role-playing capabilities based on the RP sample that you provide. It is also determined by how much effort you seem to have put into your application. Spelling, grammar, and other small details will be taken into account in this judging process. It will depend entirely on who is checking your application as to what class you are granted. You may go ahead and fill in the 'class' section for what rank you want but do not be disappointed if staff ask you to lower it. On the contrary, there are also times when staff will let you raise it. Below you may find what each class starts with:

  • Neophyte - 1000G - 75 Spec Points - 1500 Stat Points
  • Novice - 1200G - 75 Spec Points - 1500 Stat Points
  • Journeyman - 1500G - 125 Spec Points - 2000 Stat Points
  • Expert - 2000G - 200 Spec Points - 2250 Stat Points
  • Adept - 2000G - 250 Spec Points - 2500 Stat Points
  • Master - 2500G - 300 Spec Points - 2750 Stat Points
  • Grandmaster - 3000G - 350 Spec Points - 3000 Stat Points
  • Elder - 4000G - 400 Spec Points - 3500 Stat Points
  • Artisan - 5000G - 400 Spec Points - 2000 Stat Points

Increasing your Class

On TNARP, there are many ways to increase your class though the primary way is to simply increase your experience (EXP) by doing certain things. In this area, we will discuss exactly what ways you may increase your experience. The first is by training. This is rather simple but an extremely inefficient way of increasing your experience and thus class. This is because training is used to gain spec points and stat points, thus exp is simply a by-product of training. You earn a lot more experience from performing quests, jobs, and by doing certain things IC. We just pointed out quests and jobs (EXP gained is determined by the specific quest or job) but now we will get into what IC actions can earn you EXP.

  • Killing a Player: 1000 EXP
  • Beating a Player: 400 EXP
  • Saving a Player: 600 EXP
  • Roleplaying: 20 EXP [Per Topic]
  • Event Participation: 1500 EXP
  • Taming a Creature: 500 EXP [Divided by the Class]
  • Anything Noteworthy Determined by Staff

A certain amount of EXP is required to be considered a certain class. Once you've achieved the necessary amount of EXP, simply update your Updates Page with your new class. The necessary amount of EXP can be found below:

  • Neophyte: 0 EXP
  • Novice: 1000 EXP
  • Journeyman: 3000 EXP
  • Expert: 6000 EXP
  • Adept: 12000 EXP
  • Master: 24000 EXP
  • Grandmaster: 48000 EXP
  • Elder: 80000 EXP

Maximum Techniques

There is a limit on how many techniques you may have at a single time. This is based on your class, number of specialties, among other factors. We will discuss this more below. Your max amount of techniques that you may have at any given time is determined by the age of your character and your class. Take whatever your character's age is and divide it in half. This is capped at 25. Once you have that number, add the number of techniques for whatever class you are.. Neophytes & Novices add 5. Journeymen add 10. Expert add 15. Adept add 18. Master add 20. Grandmaster add 22. Elder add 25. This will give you the total number of techniques you may have at a single time.
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Updated on November 19th, 2014

Added maximum technique limitations per class.

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Class System
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