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 Technique System

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About Techniques

Techniques are how we moderate everyone's power and abilities properly. You can not utilize anything beyond basic physical attacks if you do not possess any techniques. All forms of mana require a technique. There are no exceptions. You can only utilize mana through techniques. Some forms of combat can be used without any techniques but do not expect your attacks to be quite as powerful, or even nearly as powerful in some cases. Techniques can utilize mana, stamina, or both. We will go into more detail on the many aspects of techniques below.

Technique Types

There are currently two different types of techniques in TNARP. The first, and most commonly used techniques, are mana techniques. They cost mana, mostly mana, and usually exclusively mana. The second type is combat techniques. Combat techniques are physical attacks carried out by consuming either stamina or a mixture of stamina and mana. Combat techniques must consume at least twice as much stamina than mana in order to be considered a combat technique. There are also five sub-types that can fall under either Combat or Mana techniques. These sub-types are: offensive, defensive, hybrid, supplementary and ritualistic.

Offensive are obviously techniques that are used almost exclusively as attacks and serve little to no use as a defensive technique. Although many offensive techniques will be able to be used as a defense, it will not be their purpose or one of their purposes. Simply a side effect. Defensive techniques are different. They are used exclusively to protect or defend something or yourself. Defensive techniques typically are not used to do harm to anyone or anything. Hybrid techniques can defend while also dealing damage. These types of techniques can be an armor of fire, for example, which hurts your opponent while also protecting you. Supplementary techniques are techniques that do little to nothing on their own but are used to strength or affect another technique. Ritualistic techniques are well-prepared techniques that are prepped before hand and have catastrophic or potent effects and results.

Training Techniques:

Training techniques is the only way to earn or acquire techniques at the moment. You may train techniques by typing a required amount of words in a topic and having it get approved by a member of staff on your character sheet. Training a technique can be either very easy or extremely difficult depending on the class of the technique. We will get into the minimum and maximum word count requirements for each class below.

  • Class 5: Class 5 technique training requirements are often somewhere in the 100-200 words range.
  • Class 4: Class 4 technique training requirements can range anywhere between 250 words and 350 words.
  • Class 3: Class 3 techniques typically require a training thread of no less than 400 words and no more than 500 words.
  • Class 2: Class 2 techniques tend to call for a training thread containing no less than 550 words but no more than 700 words.
  • Class 1: Class 1 techniques require at least 850 words of training but do not exceed 1200 words.

  • Legendary: Legendary techniques can not be applied for but are possible rewards for some event participation. Legendary techniques still must be trained, however, and will require at least 3000 words to train. You may go over but 3000 words will always be what is required for a legendary technique.

Mana and Stamina Costs

The cost of techniques, as in how much mana and/or stamina they consume, is determined by their class. Each class costs a minimum amount of 'total points' in order to perform. Those minimum points can be divided between mana and stamina however you please, but must be specified in the technique's creation.

  • Class 5: the total point cost is 20.
  • Class 4: the total point cost is 30.
  • Class 3: the total point cost is 50.
  • Class 2: the total point cost is 100.
  • Class 1: the total point cost is 200.

  • Legendary: the total point cost is 400.

For Combat specialties, once maxed out, the cost for techniques of that specialty are reduced by 25% for you.

Starting Techniques:

The number of techniques that you start out with is determined by how old your character is. It will be your character's age divided by two capped at 25. Therefore, if your character is 18 they may start with 9 techniques. If they are 60, they may start with 25. And so on and so forth.
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Technique System
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