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 Mana System

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About Mana

Mana is a form of energy that is universal in nature. Every species and being in throughout our own realm as well as the realms of others are able to manifest this energy, though in many it lies dormant. Although many names in many languages have come to describe it, humanity has dubbed it 'mana'. It has no plural form nor singular. It is simply 'mana'. mana is used by mages, shinobi and just about any other living thing in the universe alike. It can be used to perform magic, ninjutsu, and more. It all depends solely on how it is initialized and used. Regardless of how mana is utilized, however, it must always be drawn into the body before it may be manipulated. Thus, mana outside of one's body that has yet to pass through their body may not be manipulated or controlled unless directly influenced by mana from the person's body.

Laws of Mana

Mana, regardless of what type you utilize, has some basic generic laws that must be abided by. In this section we will discuss what these laws are, what they mean, and how to follow them.

Law of Comprehension

In order to utilize mana in a particular way, you must first possess extensive knowledge on the subject (namely the specialty necessary to perform the technique). If your character has no way of knowing how to do certain things then they will simply not be able to do them. So, for example, if you encounter a shinobi for the first time, you will not immediately have counters to them as you have yet to discern how their specific form of mana works.

Law of Initialization

Regardless of what form your mana manifests itself as, initialization of certain techniques is necessary. You must perform a particular action in order to activate and use a technique. This can be verbal, through handsigns, drawn out symbols, however you wish to do it. This does not include class 5 and class 4 techniques, however. These two classes of techniques can be done without initialization.

Law of Reasoning

All techniques must have some logical reasoning to them. The utilization of mana is, in essence, more of a science than an art if anything. You must be able to fully explain each technique you apply for, how it does what it does, and why it does what it does. You can not simply having a technique that turns someone into a toad and say "Well, it's magic." You must describe in depth how it works.

Law of Finity

Regardless of where you draw your mana from or how you utilize it, your body is limited to a certain amount and regaining it once it is lost will always be difficult and not necessarily able to be performed mid-combat. No one can simply have an infinite amount of mana nor can they constantly draw mana from a source even whilst in the midst of combat. If you wish to be able to meditate and regain mana, that is fine. If you want to be able to draw mana from surrounding nature, that's fine as well. just do not expect to passively take in massive amounts of mana.

These are the four principle laws of mana that must always be followed and abided by.
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Mana System
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