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 The Human Race

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PostSubject: The Human Race   The Human Race I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 6:02 pm

The Human Race TNj4FZl

About Humanity

Humanity is the third sentient creatures of Sosaria and the first ones to discover mana after the Great Sosarians. Although they were far from the first in the universe to come across mana, they were highly capable and proficient in it. It took a mere few decades for humanity to surpass any expectations that were set before them. Thus, when other races came to Sosaria, humanity shared most of their secrets with these races in hopes of preserving peace and equality. Humans formed the Trinity Council, inviting the other races to contribute to it. Today, the Trinity Council is composed of three squads; each squad consisting of a member of every primary race, with each primary race contributing three of their greatest warriors and mana-users.

General Appearance

Humans tend to look rather diverse from one another in most cases. Their skin tone can range from a pale white to a dark black, and anywhere in between with a pink, yellow, or red pigment to their skin. Their hair is often blonde, brown, black, or red in color though there are naturally exceptions. The majority of humans that survived the old age possessed blonde hair and green eyes, however. Though there are still humans with blue, brown, and black eyes. Humans are rather typical in appearance and easily recognizable and differentiated from the other races. Their height can range anywhere between 4'11" to 6'0" but there are rare cases where a human exceeds either number in either direction.

Stat Potential

Below you may find each maximum stat a human can achieve before they are capped. This is not to say you start with these stats but they are simply as high as you can get in each stat.
Strength: 2400
Speed: 1800
Reflexes: 1800
Stamina: 2200
Mana: 2200
Control: 2400

Sphere of Influence

Humans currently control the Kingdom of Ignia in it's entirety. They are the ruling race and the most dominant race of the island and thus constitute the majority of its population. Although humans hardly populate the lands of Fulem and the Aes Isle, both areas are considered human territory and thus fall under their sphere of influence. Invading these lands would be equal to invading their homeland.
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The Human Race
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