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 The Amani Race

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PostSubject: The Amani Race   The Amani Race I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2014 8:27 pm

The Amani Race MwtHek3

About the Amani

Enslaved by conquering giants in their home world and freed many centuries later by a great Amani named Kaira, the amani value freedom above all things. They are naturally wary and slow to trust, but having earned their trust, you will have it until you prove faithless. You really don't want to do that. Amani are direct in speech and action, honest, candid, and somewhat imperious. They are usually respected, often admired, sometimes feared. No one doubts they will say what they mean, do what they say, and make life very hard on their enemies.

Upon coming to Sosaria, the Amani settled into Terra and were more than willing to live equally under the humans. However, after years of mistreatment and oppression, they rebelled and rose against humanity to conquer the entirety of the kingdom of Terra.

General Appearance

Amani are generally rather 'demonic' in appearance and are usually very large as far as their body structure is concerned. They have a very muscular build and a variety of combinations of horns that extend from the top of their head. Their skin color can range from orange to red to purple, though it almost always has a slight dark reddish hue to it. Though this only really concerns the males of the race. The females are usually rather slender but also have horns. However, their skin is always a very dark shade of black or brown. The eyes of the Amani people are always a piercing red color. So, essentially, the Amani are muscular demon-like beings with red eyes.

Stat Potential

Below you may find each maximum stat an aman can achieve before they are capped. This is not to say you start with these stats but they are simply as high as you can get in each stat.
Strength: 2400
Speed: 1600
Reflexes: 2400
Stamina: 2000
Mana: 2000
Control: 1800

Sphere of Influence

The Amani race is currently in control of the Kingdom of Terra. They reign over the kingdom fairly and equally with their fellow races and will allow other races to join them in the government. However, due to the majority of the kingdom being Amani, the majority of the government in Terra is amani. Most of the humans have retreated to Ignia due to Amani rule, though with little to no pressure to do so.
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The Amani Race
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