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 Weapon & Item System

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About the Weapon System

This system will govern all weapons and items on TNARP and will determine how weapons and items may be acquired among other small details about the weapons. The first thing that will be covered is the cost of weapons and items on TNARP. Naturally, this has a lot to do with many factors but we will base the price ranges on two things in particular: the class of the weapon or items and whether it is not disposable. Disposable items and weapons will tend to be slightly cheaper than regular weapons and items simply because after they're used, they're gone. Please keep in mind that after you're approved, you may only acquire weapons or items through events, origins, or by purchasing it from a player or NPC. You may not simply apply for a weapon like on other RPGs and instantly receive it. There are many conditions that must be met.

The only type of players that are allowed to apply for weapons and items are artistans with the appropriate specialties. Once the weapon or item is approved, they must type a certain amount of words describing the creation of that weapon or item. How many words this is is purely determined by the class of the weapon or item. Once they have made the item, they are free to sell it to other players for profit. The basic classes and descriptions of said classes can be found below as well as all the details regarding that class:

  • Class 5 - Class 5 weapons and items are the most basic of weapons and items. They do not tend to have any magical or advanced properties or attributes and are usually just a basic wooden shield or something similar. These require a cost range of 50 gold to 100 gold. If the item is disposable, this goes down to 20-60 gold. Class 5 weapons require 500 words to create. Arrows and other bulk items are a bit different. They work in a x20 manner. So, for example, if you pay 100 gold for an arrow you will receive 20 of them. If you are making arrows and type 500 words, you can create 20 of them.
  • Class 4 - Class 4 weapons and are items somewhat a notch about basic weaponry and items. They typically still lack magical or advanced properties or attributes but possess a decent amount of offensive or defensive power. Class 4 items can range anywhere between a steel sword to perhaps even something slightly greater. Class 4 weapons or items require 750 words to create. These require a cost of 101-300 gold to purchase. Disposable items typically cost 75-250 gold. The 'bulk purchase' rule applies here as well but now comes with 25 instead of only 20.
  • Class 3 - Class 3 weapons and items are pretty advanced but not exactly amazing. They often possess minor magical or advanced attributes or properties. They possess great offensive and defensive capabilities and are often mixed with a large variety of materials. Class 3 weapons or items require 1000 words to create. They typically cost around 301-500 gold with disposable items costing 100-300 gold each. Bulk purchases apply to class 3 weapons as well at a rate of 15 per purchase.
  • Class 2 - Class 2 weapons and items are greatly advanced and incredible in their own right. They possess moderate magical or advanced attributes or properties. They possess amazing offensive and defensive capabilities and are often mixed with a variety of high grade materials. Class 2 weapons or items require 1500 words to create. They typically cost around 501-1000 gold while disposable items tend to cost 150-400 gold. Bulk purchases provide approximately 10 of the item you're purchasing.
  • Class 1 - Class 1 weapons and items are extremely advanced weapons and items. They are near legendary in level and can be extremely difficult to wield and use. They often possess great magical properties or attributes and are often composed of a variety of high grade materials composed perfectly to produce a highly efficient weapon or item. Class 1 weapons or items require 2000 words to create. They typically cost around 1001-1500 gold while disposable items tend to cost 300-600 gold each. Bulk purchases provide approximately 5 of the item you're purchasing.

  • Legendary Class - Legendary Class weapons and items are the most advanced of all weapons or items. Legendary weapons possess the greatest offensive power known to man while other legendary items such as armor possess the greatest defensive power and potions possess the greatest healing power, and so on and so forth. Legendary Class weapons can not be created or crafted. They can only be obtained through certain methods. Such methods include: Origins, special events, looting, stealing, etc.

Item Templates

Below you may find the template used to create any and all items and weapons. This includes the weapons you start out with as well as any weapons you may wish to craft, if you are an artisan. This also includes all armors, items, and so on and so forth.

Weapon Template:
Armor Template:
Potion Template:
Item Template:

Armor System

On TNARP, you do not buy armor in bulk like on most sites. So, for example, if you wish to buy a suit of armor you must first either purchase or create each individual piece of the armor. Either that, or you may mix and match different pieces of armor to create your own customized set of armor. There are many different aspects of the armor system that are unique to this site, making it a bit more elaborate than you may be used to. The first and most important thing about our armor system to keep in mind is that armor is divided into three primary classes: light, medium, and heavy. These three types determine the weight and durability of your armor. Light armor can not exceed medium armor in defensive capabilities, for example, and heavy armor must impair your speed. No exceptions or getting around it. You may not mix and match different types of armor. For example, you may not wear a medium chestplate with a heavy helmet. It's just not allowed.

The next thing we will go into detail on are the sub-types of pieces of armor. These are basically what part of the body that the armor covers. Not much else determines the sub-type other than that one thing. Headpiece, Gorget, Chestplate, Sleeves/Gauntlets, Greaves, and Footwear. Headpiece can be anything from a crown, to a hat, to a helmet. If it covers your head, it is a headpiece. A Gorget covers and protects the neck. That's about as simple as it gets. It can extend down to your shoulders to meet your chestplate, as well. Sleeves/Gauntlets cover your arms and/or hands. You can make this piece cover both or one of these. Greaves cover your lower-body and legs. They're basically armored pants. Footwear can be boots, sandals, plated boots, anything you wish so long as they cover your feet. They can not extend any higher than your knees, however.

Materials Guide

The Metals of Sosaria

There are numerous different types of metals that can be found in the world of Sosaria. However, there are only specific metals that are used for the crafting weapons, items, armor and things of that nature. The metals available are as follows: Irite,  Corite, Shadow Irite, Copite, Bronzite, Golite, Agapite, Verite, and Valorite. These are in order of rarity as well as worth. Some are rare and possess worth for different reasons, though valorite is indeed the rarest material and worth the most because it is the most durable and hardest material. It is ideal for the creation of high class weaponry and armor. Class 5 materials include: corite. Class 4 materials include: copite, bronzite, and golite. Class 3 materials include irite and agapite. Class 2 materials include verite and shadow irite. Class 1 material is valorite.

Generally speaking, each material is classed based on its general effectiveness when used for weapons or armor. Generally, irite has a clean silver white hue to it. Corite tends to have a dull, gray color to it. Shadow Irite tends to have a similar clean silver hue to it but is typically much darker and black in color. Copite is usually a light tan color while bronzite tends to be a darker brown color. Golite is a shiny, golden color that resembles a clean yellow hue. Agapite typically has a pinkish hue to it. Verite tends to have a greener color and valorite is a blueish silver color.

Special Gems

There are numerous special gems in the world of Sosaria that each can be used for a variety of purposes. Blue Diamond (10,000 Gold) can be used to coat blades to drastically increase the cutting power of said blade. Brilliant Amber (10,000 Gold) can be used on or in a weapon or item to give it lightning-related attributes. Dark Sapphire (50,000 Gold) can be used to create mana-leeching items or weapons. Ecru Citrine (20,000 Gold) can be used to drastically increase the weight of an item or weapon. Fire Ruby (10,000 Gold) can be used to add fire-related attributes to a weapon or item. Perfect Emerald (10,000 Gold) can be used to add nature-related attributes to a weapon or item. Turquoise (10,000 Gold) can be used to add water-related attributes to a weapon or item. White Pearl (10,000 Gold) can be used to add wind-related attributes to a weapon or item. Snow Crystals (10,000 Gold) can be used to add snow or ice related attributes to a weapon or item.
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Weapon & Item System
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