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 The Baraka Race

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The Baraka Race KxO86rZ

About the Baraka

The Baraka are spawns of magical creation from another world, the merging of giants in said world with elements like earth and metal, but in turning their backs on the giants' wars of conquest, they avoided their ancestors day of doom when their world was thrown off balance, destroying almost every race except for the Baraka. Baraka value knowledge of all kinds. They maintain libraries of the accumulated learning of their own people, drawn from all the world’s races and races from other worlds as well, in every city where they make their homes.

Despite their gentle nature and generally pacifistic philosophy, it would be a great error to suppose baraka are weaklings, for their other great hunger is for balance. Balancing mind and body means that every young baraka learns the arts of combat alongside the arts of knowledge. Like the amani, the baraka fiercely defend the weak and downtrodden. Due to their magical nature, their control over mana and capacity for mana are both vast in potential.

General Appearance

The Baraka are very similar to large, rotund humans except for the fact that they are composed entirely of metal or stone, depending on what type of Baraka they are. They are extremely durable and difficult to defeat physically, though they can be relatively slow and their reflexes are lacking. The Baraka's skin tone is determine entirely by what material they are partially composed of, such as what type of metal and what type of stone. They almost always have glowing blue eyes and facial hair carved from the stone or metal on their face.

Stat Potential

Below you may find each maximum stat a Baraka can achieve before they are capped. This is not to say you start with these stats but they are simply as high as you can get in each stat.
Strength: 2200
Speed: 1600
Reflexes: 1800
Stamina: 2000
Mana: 2400
Control: 2600

Sphere of Influence

The Baraka possess total control over the Kingdom of Aquar, living in peace and harmony with the other races that reside there. The two major races of Aquar are the Baraka and elves left from when the Baraka took over Aquar. The government of Aquar is composed entirely of Baraka and elves, though mostly Baraka.
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The Baraka Race
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