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 Taming & Creatures Guide

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PostSubject: Taming & Creatures Guide   Taming & Creatures Guide I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2014 2:50 pm

About Taming

Taming is the art of not only obtaining vast knowledge about the many creatures throughout the world but also utilizing said knowledge to tame these creatures and use them as pets. Taming is quickly and effectively bonding with a creature in a matter of seconds, or minutes, or even hours. Most creatures, mainly class 5 and class 4 creatures, will only require some cheap bonding. However, anything higher in class will require you to first weaken the creature before attempting to tame it. You may learn more about the two specialties necessary to effectively tame a creature below:

Animal Taming:
Animal Lore:

The Act of Taming

In order to so much as begin to tame a creature, you must first discover one. Creatures are either presented by members of staff as mini events, presented as a large-scale event, or can be discovered by rolling the Discovery Dice in certain areas that have creatures. The creature you can choose to encounter depends on the class you roll. For example, if you roll a class 3, you can pick a creature in that area that has the potential to be a class 3. Once you've decided what creature you'll be trying to tame, roll the Tame Dice and see what your result is. We will discuss what each result actually means below:
Successfully Tamed:
Failure. Aggression.:
Failure. It Fled.:
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Taming & Creatures Guide
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