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 The Elven Race

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PostSubject: The Elven Race   The Elven Race I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 09, 2014 6:10 pm

The Elven Race AlY7uaq

About the Elves

The elves, deeming themselves the 'high elves', once lived lives dedicated to venerating nature and the Fallen Sosarians. The "Children of the Fallen" maintained their forest homes in peace, but that changed when the conflicts of the immortals destroyed the majority of their civilization and left both the race and their kingdoms on the brink of extinction and destruction.

After many years of conquest, a force of allied races dealt the mighty high elf armies a devastating loss. After this rebuke, the elves withdrew from the world for a century of seclusion that only ended when the latest relic opened and brought back the Fallen Sosarians. The entire world, especially the elves, took heed of this new presence of an old race in Sosaria and now prepare for a war of global proportions.

Though the blood of elven soldiers bought their participation in the Trinity Council project, many among other races do not trust the elves' "New Way," believing the great city's walls conceal many secrets, and that the elves never gave up their conquering ways.

General Appearance

Elves are very similar to the human race in just about every way. This is most likely the reason for their cooperation from the very beginning, though it was not enough to sustain their alliance. The two primary differences between an elf and a human are the skeletal structures, with elves having more pointed features, particularly in their face and the second is their pointed ears that are often elongated to extend much further than that of a human's. Elves can have a diverse combination of appearances, mostly resembling that of humans. Though the difference is that elves can just as easily have red eyes, purple eyes, or even naturally purple hair. Their eyes and hair can be any color of the spectrum naturally, depending on their genetics.

Stat Potential

Below you may find each maximum stat a human can achieve before they are capped. This is not to say you start with these stats but they are simply as high as you can get in each stat.
Strength: 1800
Speed: 2200
Reflexes: 2200
Stamina: 1800
Mana: 2400
Control: 2400

Sphere of Influence

Elves reign over the kingdom of Auran and have formed a strong national government that controls and regulates the land. Only elves are allowed to be a part of the Auran national government and thus it is highly oppressive towards other races that happen to reside in the country.
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The Elven Race
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