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 Stat System

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PostSubject: Stat System   Stat System I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 1:15 am

The Stat System will determine many aspects of your character. Okay, perhaps it will control just about every aspect of your character; at the least, it will control what your character is capable of both in and out of combat. The stats will include: Strength, Speed, Reflexes, Stamina, Mana, and Control. Each stat, should it be leveled to a certain point, grants its own abilities, buffs, and so on and so forth. The primary purpose of there being so many stats is so that each person may build their own character to their liking without it being too similar to another. All stats must have at LEAST 5.  Below we will discuss every stat individually as well as their relation to other stats. The max amount of stat points you may invest in a single stat are capped by your race, so please refer to the Council Census forum to see just how many stats you can invest in each stat. The maximum amount of stat points you may have, however, is 6000. Your base stat total can not exceed this. You may exceed it with boosts and items but never may you passively exceed it.







Acquiring Stat Points

We strive to make sure that gaining everything on this RPG will be as enjoyable of a process as possible. We hate to see those of you who would otherwise be stuck creating countless solo training threads. For that reason, we will be implementing numerous ways of gaining stat points as well as ways of gaining them faster than usual. We will try to be detailed as possible in each method as to avoid confusion. Remember, if you're unsure ask a member of staff. Do not just create the topic then get angry later that you did not train properly. It is always best to ask questions first. Please remember that in order for it be considered a proper training topic, you must train the stat you're wanting to gain stat points in. This does not mean use that stat a little. Nor does it mean every word of the topic must be geared towards that stat. However, make sure that almost all of the topic is you training that stat, otherwise we reserve the right to abstain from granting you those stat Points.

The first method of training is, of course, solo training. It is practicing by yourself to hone your abilities in that particular specialty. Please keep in mind, this is one of the most inefficient methods but might still be preferred by those who can not find someone else to fight or train with. Stat points gained through this methods are gained at the rate of 1 stat point per 200 words typed. So, for example, if you type 4000 words, you will have earned 20 spec points in that area.

The second method of training stat points is training with an ally. This must be a friendly spar or simply them sitting in on your training and giving you pointers, examples, and assistance. This must be actual legitimate training and is certainly the most effective method of training. Your trainer's word count does not count towards your own. However, the rate at which stat points are gained through this method is 1 stat point per 100 words typed. So, for example, if you type 4000 words, you will have earned 40 spec points in that area.

The third and final method of training stat points is by fighting an enemy. This is a bit tricky as you are required to mostly use that stat which you wish to train throughout the entire fight. If you use any other stat excessively, you will not be able to submit the topic for stat point acquisition. Due to the fact that you are essentially teaching yourself and no one is really there to give you pointers or advice, you train at a less efficient rate than the second method by doing this. However, it is still more efficient than the first method. The rate at which stat points are gained through this method is 1 stat point per 150 words typed. So, for example, if you type 3000 words, you will have earned 20 stat points in that area. So next time you get into a brawl with someone, it is suggested you stick with a single stat for most of the fight and use that topic to gain stat points later.

Stacking Stat Boosts

Do not expect to infinitely stack the boosts from multiple special abilities, techniques and items to make your stats otherworldly. We have very precise and definitive rules on stat stacking here and they must be followed. First and foremost, you may only stack up to three boosts at any given time. This includes special abilities, items and techniques altogether. However, you are limited to only two of these being of the same thing. So, for example, you can not have three special abilities active that boost your stats, nor can you have three items. It is capped at two and the third must be from a different type. The final rule is that if you are exceeding the stat cap for your race, you may only use one stat boost to do so. If using one exceeds the cap, you must stop there. You may not stack on more and more and exceed it further.

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PostSubject: Re: Stat System   Stat System I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 18, 2014 8:34 pm

Updated on November 18th, 2014

Added official rules and regulations for stacking stat boosting special abilities, techniques and items.

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Stat System
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