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 Map of Sosaria

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Map of Sosaria Empty
PostSubject: Map of Sosaria   Map of Sosaria I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2014 1:27 pm

  • A: Kingdom of Ignia [Ignia]
  • B: Kingdom of Auran [Auran]
  • C: Ventus Island [Ignia]
  • D: Kingdom of Gelu [Gelu]
  • E: Kingdom of Terra [Terra]
  • F: Kingdom of Pratia [Pratia]
  • G: Sabula Desert [Neutral]
  • H: Arenam [Neutral]
  • I: Kingdom of Aquar [Aquar]

The map above shows the kingdoms and territories presently in existence throughout the world of Sosaria. There is always a chance of more kingdoms springing up and being formed within the current territory of current kingdoms as well as rebellions and revolutions forming to create new kingdoms. This map will be updated accordingly as countries gain and lose territory as well as to add new/old countries.
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Map of Sosaria
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